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About us

Hacker Space in Saint-Petersburg

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The essence of the project: creating a platform for the youth of technical creativity and design in electronics, programming and robotics.

Participants: students, seniors, teachers, and visiting specialists.

    HackSpace-SPb it is:
  • Community IT fans, geeks, electronics, engineering
  • Constant seminars and webinars, workshops and meetings, training programs
  • Exchange ideas, tips, etc.
  • Place for the initial projects and prototyping (preplant incubator technology projects)

Addresses of our two sites

The central platform – Birzhevaya Line, 14, office 415 (National Research University of Information Technologies Mechanics and Optics): Area 40 m2, measuring and soldering equipment, space for 8 projects.

The second site on Obvodny channel will provide equipment for a commercially interesting projects associated with large structures out of metal or wood.


We are interested in cooperation, exchange of ideas and joint planning with other sites. We are open to international cooperation.

We are ready to invite guests for a while from the other hakspeysov or just students and professionals in the field of high technologies. We can provide room in student hostel of the university.

Contact Us:

Alexei Orlov, head of the Student Scientific Society: [email protected]

Sergey Silnov, cofounder of HackSPb, press contacts: [email protected]

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  1. Юрий

    Привет! Узнал про ваш hackspace от Московских коллег. Интересно насколько активно ваше пространство? Мы проводим воркшопы по max/msp/jitter занимаемся интерактивными перформансами.

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