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Development department

We accept orders for the development of various electronic devices, software and hardware systems, interactive presentation equipment elements of auto-tuning, etc. Examples of possible services: 1) Data acquisition systems with sensors (temperature, humidity and other fire safety systems and access control), and send them via mobile communications. 2) Elements of automation. 3) Design presentation of robots 4) Dynamic billboards, posters with sound and light effects. 5) Advertising and promotional devices, and models with moving parts, speakers, lighting effects, the response to the motion. 6) for auto-tuning devices – lights, automatic retractable elements, etc. 7) Other similar design To get started, to describe your problem as detailed as possible via the feedback form – https://hackspb.ru/contacts/feedback/. After reviewing your application we determine the possibility of its implementation within our laboratory, controlled more than define the terms of reference and agree to the cost and terms.